Privacy Policy


This privacy notice explains how we use any personal information we collect about you.

Who is this privacy notice from?

If you have registered online or by phone or email with Parking Personnel, because you contacted us or we contacted you with regards to finding work. You may also be an employer, free spins no deposit australia adviser or client who has passed us your details requiring our services. As required by data protection law, this privacy notice gives you information from the data controller who uses your personal data in the effort to meet your needs.

Parking Personnel Ltd is the data controller, Parking Personnel Ltd is the Recruitment agency business. Parking Personnel has been providing recruitment services since June 2019. The services we provide helps employers and to job seekers to find suitable employment.

What is this privacy notice about?

The privacy notice explains how Parking Personnel Ltd will use any personal data they collect from you. It also covers any personal data we collect from the employer, adviser or intermediary umbrella company who job seekers have appointed to managed their pay. The notice also explains how Parking Personnel Ltd will comply with data protection law.

Parking Personnel Ltd needs personal data about you and your employer to run the service and to pay and charge accurately. In legal terms, the Parking Personnel is a ‘data controller’ for this information. So, in this notice, the Parking Personnel must explain some things about the personal data it holds, and your rights regarding the data.

As provider of the service, Parking Personnel Ltd needs personal data about you to provide its support and administration services to its job seekers, HMRC and clients. Parking Personnel Ltd uses the data to act as a source of information for the clients, providing required information about the job seeker to meet compliance and safeguarding requirements of the client. Parking Personnel Ltd does this through research on the client vacancies available and then uses the job seekers information to fulfil its clients requirements within governance and regulatory standards. Parking Personnel Ltd also uses research to help it communicate with other clients, to raise their awareness of the job seekers availability to assess the suitability of options and vacancies offered to its clients and job seekers. As Parking Personnel Ltd has some control over how it carries out its processing, Parking Personnel Ltd is also a ‘data controller’. So, Parking Personnel Ltd also needs to tell you about the personal data it keeps about you, any processing activities it carries out separately from the Parking Personnel and your rights regarding Parking Personnel Ltd’s use of your data.

The privacy notice tells you about the personal data that Parking Personnel Ltd hold. Each staff member may hold different data, for different reasons. This means they each take their own decisions about your personal data and how they use it. They all work under the Parking Personnel Ltd data controller, which means they take decisions together. Examples could include sending communications to other staff members to raise their awareness of availability available to them, or whenever the staff member requires consent to consider a particular candidate for a possible role.

For simplicity, Parking Personnel Ltd give you just one point of contact. Parking Personnel Ltd Managing Director is the appointed Data Protection Officer for Parking Personnel Ltd and is responsible for monitoring Parking Personnel Ltd’s compliance with data protection law. So if you have a question or complaint about the processing of your data, or if you wish to use your rights under data protection law, then you should contact Parking Personnel Ltd’s Data Protection Officer. They will then liaise on your behalf.

If you use Parking Personnel Ltd website or web-based services, you may also be interested in Parking Personnel Cookie Policy (see attached doc) and Parking Personnel Ltd Social Media Policy (attached)

What personal data do Parking Personnel hold about you?

Information Parking Personnel Ltd holds

If you are a candidate, Parking Personnel Ltd holds the following types of personal data about you:

If you are an employer, intermediary or adviser, Parking Personnel Ltd holds the following types of personal data about you:

Parking Personnel may sometimes use other information about you. This could include information about your health if it is relevant to, client requirements for a particular post,, or details about personal relationships to help decide if a post is appropriate.

Additional information Parking Personnel Ltd may collect about you:

Parking Personnel may also collect:

Where do the Parking Personnel obtain your personal data?

Some of Parking Personnel Ltd information comes directly from you. Parking Personnel Ltd may also get information (such as your salary and length of service) directly from your current or previous employer/s or their representative/adviser.

Personal data in application forms will come from you as an applicant. Personal data about applicants dependants, will also come from you or an individual passing your details as a recommendation to Parking Personnel Ltd. If we ask you for other information in future (for example, about your health), Parking Personnel Ltd will explain whether you have a choice about providing it and any consequences if you don’t do so.

Parking Personnel Ltd may receive personal data about you when you contact us by doing any of the following:

What is the legal basis for Parking Personnel Ltd using your personal data?

Parking Personnel Ltd must by law provide a service in line with the client and job seekers requirements.

Parking Personnel Ltd will use your personal data to comply with these legal obligations, to establish and defend its legal rights, and to prevent and detect crimes such as fraud. It may need to share your personal data with other people for this reason, such as courts and law-enforcement agencies. Parking Personnel Ltd also has a legitimate interest in properly looking after clients and Job seekers. This includes ensuring that candidates are informed of suitable vacancies and obtaining candidate’s right to represent them should they wish to be considered. Parking Personnel Ltd will meet its obligation to pay both accurately and promptly ensuring that correct levels of contributions are deducted for holiday pay and that benefits are correctly calculated, and paid upon request.

To achieve this, Parking Personnel Ltd may share your personal data with various entities, including its outsourced payroll/back office partner Integra Back Office Solutions Ltd; employers; Integra Back Office Solutions Ltd professional advisers; auditors; insurers; HMRC; the Pensions Ombudsman; and IT and data storage providers and other service providers. If you choose to change your method of remuneration then you must inform Parking Personnel Ltd immediately so that the benefits are transferred to the new umbrella/method of payment supplier.  Parking Personnel Ltd will also need to give the administrators of that scheme information about you.

When Parking Personnel Ltd need to use information about your health (or other very personal and private information), it may ask your consent. However, sometimes there may be reasons of public interest or law that enable Parking Personnel Ltd to use this information without consent. Parking Personnel Ltd will do this if it helps to reach both candidates and clients’ requirements sensibly. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Parking Personnel by email or the contact details contained on the website. This may affect what Parking Personnel Ltd can do for you, unless it has another lawful reason for using your information.

Parking Personnel Ltd may also share your personal data with someone else if you have given your consent – for example, if you require a specific entity to utilise your data. Sometimes your personal data may be used for statistical research but only in a form that no longer identifies you.

How you can contact the other people Parking Personnel Ltd has given your personal data to

Some of the people mentioned above just use your personal data in the way Parking Personnel tells them. However, others may make their own decisions about how they use this information to perform their services or functions, or to comply with regulatory responsibilities as controllers in their own right. In this case, they are subject to the same legal obligations as Parking Personnel Ltd regarding this information.

The rights you have regarding your information apply to them too. If you want any more information from any of these recipients or to use any rights regarding the information they hold, please contact Parking Personnel Ltd and you will be put in touch with them.

What is the legal basis for Parking Personnel Ltd using your personal data including if Parking Personnel Ltd shares it?

Parking Personnel Ltd uses your personal data to use its experience and expertise to ensure you find the most suitable job. This also includes:

Parking Personnel Ltd also has a legitimate interest in giving you high-quality service. Given the long-term nature of the market sector in which it operates, Parking Personnel Ltd and its customers’ lifecycle and changing needs, this interest extends to supporting you throughout  and monitoring the suitability of the options you are offered. To do this, Parking Personnel Ltd may process your personal data for the following activities:

Parking Personnel Ltd may share or disclose personal data when necessary to provide its services or conduct its business operations. When Parking Personnel Ltd shares personal data, it does so in line with data privacy and security requirements. Sharing information enables it to better understand your needs and manage the product or service it provides to you in the most efficient way. If you want any more information from any of the recipients or to use any rights regarding the information they hold, please contact Parking Personnel Ltd using the details at the end of this notice.

Below are the parties with whom Parking Personnel Ltd may share personal data and why:

Within Parking Personnel Ltd

Personal data may be shared with other  staff within Parking Personnel Ltd to allow it to efficiently carry out various activities including administration, customer and technical support, marketing and business and product development. All Parking Personnel Ltd employees and contractors must follow its data privacy and security policies when handling personal information.

Third-party service providers

Parking Personnel Ltd provides personal data to these third parties when they need it to fulfil their services to Parking Personnel Ltd. Their services include software, systems, and platform support; print and mailing services; data-quality services; payroll; overflow call centre; investment management; archiving and destruction services; auditors and actuaries; cloud hosting services; and data analytics.

Parking Personnel Ltd third-party service providers are not permitted to share or use personal information that Parking Personnel Ltd makes available to them for any other purpose than to provide their service. When Parking Personnel Ltd outsources any process, it will ensure any supplier or contractor has adequate security measures in place.

Third-parties for legal reasons

Parking Personnel Ltd will share personal data when it believes this is needed to comply with legal obligations and to respond to requests from government agencies, including law-enforcement and other public authorities such as regulators. Personal data may also be shared with your employer or their adviser but only as required to comply with pension or automatic-enrolment requirements.

Marketing from Parking Personnel Ltd

Parking Personnel Ltd will only use your personal data to manage your requirements or services and to communicate with you about information that may be of interest. However, sometimes Parking Personnel Ltd would like to contact you with details of other vacancies or services it provides. You can choose to receive these types of communications by contacting us – see ‘Managing your preferences with Parking Personnel Ltd”.

Managing your preferences with Parking Personnel Ltd

Parking Personnel Ltd aims to ensure you only receive communications about information that is of interest to you or that enhances its services to you.
You can opt out of marketing or communications that are not required by law or not required to efficiently manage your product and service.
You may also opt out of certain data processing activities such as research and data analysis.To do this, call Parking Personnel Ltd on 01920 823775.

Children’s privacy and how Parking Personnel Ltd will approach this

Parking Personnel Ltd may process personal data about children. But this is only likely if the children are named as a next of kin or make direct contact with Parking Personnel Ltd or if they feel they may be applicable to receive any benefits on your death.
If  Parking Personnel Ltd finds personal data about a child/children in an application form, Parking Personnel Ltd will (if necessary) issue its separate ‘child facing’ privacy notice to the child/children.
(Parking Personnel Ltd looks at such forms when it needs to use its discretion) to decide who is a beneficiary after your death. The ‘child facing’ privacy notice would be sent ‘care of’ the surviving parent or guardian if that is appropriate. Parking Personnel Ltd will usually only do this if it decides to make the award to the nominated child beneficiary – for example, if it is anyway going to write to the child (or the surviving parent or guardian) to give the Child a favourable decision.Parking Personnel Ltd may ask for consent (including from the surviving parent or guardian) to process the child’s personal data on the application form, where relevant. However, there may be reasons of public interest or law that enable Parking Personnel Ltd to use the personal data about the child without consent. If possible, the Parking Personnel Ltd will rely on those alternatives to act in the most sensible way.

For how long do the Parking Personnel Ltd keep your personal data?

Parking Personnel Ltd needs to keep some of your personal data long enough to make sure it can satisfy its legal obligations regarding its obligations to its clients.

Parking Personnel Ltd will keep your information for long enough to ensure that, if a query arises in the future about your application, it has enough information to deal with it if it has a legal obligation to do so. To meet this aim, most of the personal data that Parking Personnel Ltd holds will be kept for 15 years from the end of the final placement or initial registration.

However, some information may be kept for more or less time depending on how long the Parking Personnel Ltd sensibly thinks it needs it to deal with its legal obligations mentioned above, and any queries or complaints. (These may come from you or the clients or a third party/others who may ask Parking Personnel Ltd.)

When Parking Personnel Ltd no longer needs personal data, it will dispose of it in line with approved company processes. These will ensure all reasonable efforts and precautions are taken to protect the confidentiality of the data. If data is kept as evidence of payment, it will be archived and reduced to the minimum information needed to allow identification and confirmation of any claim or payment.

Keeping your personal data safe

When Parking Personnel Ltd passes your information to another person, it seeks to ensure that the other person has appropriate security measures in place to keep your information safe and to comply with general principles regarding data protection.

Some of the people (this includes organisations) that Parking Personnel Ltd shares your information with may process it overseas. This means your personal data may sometimes be transferred outside the UK and the European Economic Area. Some countries already provide adequate legal protection for your personal data. In other countries, additional steps will be needed to protect it.

You can contact Parking Personnel Ltd for more information about its safeguards for ensuring that your personal information is adequately protected in these circumstances (including how to get copies of this information).
Customer Data held directly by Parking Personnel Ltd is stored on secure servers, managed by Nasstar, see their separate GDPR policy on the relevant tab. They do not transfer customer data outside the European Economic Area. Parking Personnel Ltd holds data in various forms, including electronic databases and minimal paper files. It takes all reasonable steps necessary to ensure your data is adequately protected and processed in line with this privacy notice.

Parking Personnel Ltd work with third party organisation during their business activities and it is sometimes necessary for these suppliers to receive and store data on Parking Personnel Ltd’s behalf. Parking Personnel Ltd does detailed checks (‘due diligence’) on these organisations that includes detailed questionnaires about their information security, data protection and encryption policies and procedures.

Parking Personnel Ltd take data security seriously. Their data security policies and procedures are regularly reviewed internally and independently. A summary of their data governance processes is published externally.

How you can help to keep your personal data up to date

Parking Personnel Ltd need to ensure your personal data is accurate and up to date. Please tell them if your details change (for example, if you move address). In addition, you have rights under data protection law to have inaccurate personal data corrected and incomplete data completed.
For more details about your rights, please see below.

Your rights as a data subject against Parking Personnel Ltd

You have the right to lodge a complaint directly with the supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner who can be contacted on 0303 123 113. You may be asked to provide proof of identity when making these requests.
You have other rights under data protection law that you can exercise against Parking Personnel Ltd but these do not apply in all circumstances. You can exercise those rights free of charge except in very limited circumstances, which will be explained to you if relevant.
For more information about all these rights, and how to exercise them against Parking Personnel Ltd, please contact Parking Personnel Ltd who will be able to tell you more.

Here are short descriptions of your rights:
Right of access – you have a right to request access to your personal data, to obtain confirmation that it is being processed, and to obtain certain prescribed information about how it is processed.
Right of rectification (correction) – in certain circumstances you have a right to ask for your personal data to be corrected if it is inaccurate, and completed if it is incomplete. Where your personal data in question has been disclosed to organisations, they must be informed of the rectification if possible.
Right to be forgotten – in certain circumstances, you can ask to have your personal data erased. It is unlikely to be possible to accept your request if, for example, Parking Personnel and/or its partner organisations has a legal duty to retain or process your information.
Right to restriction of processing – if certain conditions apply, you have a right to restrict the processing of your information. This includes when you contest it as being inaccurate (until the accuracy is proved); if you have objected to the processing (when it was necessary for legitimate interests) and Parking Personnel Ltd (as relevant) is considering whether its legitimate interests override your own; if you consider that the processing is unlawful (and if this is true) so that you can oppose erasure and request restriction instead; or if Parking Personnel Ltd no longer need the personal data for the purposes they held it but you require them to continue to hold it to establish, make or defend legal claims.
Right of portability – in certain circumstances, you have the right to move, copy or transfer your personal data to another organisation or to yourself. This right is only relevant if personal data is being processed based on a consent (or for performance of a contract) and is done automatically. This right is different from the right of access (see Your rights as a data subject against Parking Personnel Ltd above) and the types of information you can get under the two separate rights may be different. Using the data portability right, you cannot get all the personal data you can get using the right of access.
Right to object – in certain circumstances, you have the right to object to certain types of processing of your personal data when it is based on legitimate interests, when it is processed for direct marketing (including profiling relevant to direct marketing) or when it is processed for the purposes of statistics. Your rights to object may be relevant if you wish to find out more about what legitimate interests Parking Personnel Ltd rely on (as are listed in their respective parts of this privacy notice) or about what profiling Parking Personnel Ltd does regarding its direct marketing. Please note that Parking Personnel Ltd does not do direct marketing. You can adjust your preference settings by contacting Parking Personnel Ltd.
Automated decision making – Parking Personnel Ltd does not make automated decisions. Parking Personnel Ltd may profile your data for marketing and communication purposes, which you can opt out of. It does not do any automated decision-making that would produce legal or other significant effects on you. You can also withdraw consent if you have provided it and if this is being relied on as the legal basis for using your personal data – as previously described.

Social media policy

These are our terms for your use of our UK social media community, which includes comments and uploads on,, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. We call this our ‘Community’.

Please read our terms carefully, as they give information about using our Community in a way that is respectful and lawful. By using or submitting material to our Community you agree that you’ve read, understood, accepted, and agreed to abide by our terms.

‘We’ means Parking Personnel Ltd.

When and how our terms apply

The independent terms that apply to social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter apply to their platforms also impact on our own social media profiles that they host. We recommend you read those terms and policies before taking part in the relevant section of our Community. We don’t have any liability associated with your use of those social networks, or for your failure to read or comply with their own terms, conditions and policies. It may happen that there is a conflict between our terms and the relevant social network’s terms and conditions. If so, the social network’s terms and conditions will prevail as far as they relate to our profile on that network.

Changes to this privacy notice

This notice was last updated 27th February 2018. Parking Personnel Ltd may amend this privacy notice from time to time to keep it up to date or to comply with legal requirements. If you have access to the internet, you should regularly check this privacy notice for updates. If necessary, you may be notified of changes. Your contact details (as previously described) would be used for this purpose, based on the legal basis of compliance with legal obligations or legitimate interests (or both, as relevant).

How to contact Parking Personnel Ltd

If you wish to make a complaint, find out more information about how your personal data is being processed by or on the behalf of Parking Personnel Ltd as your data controller, or exercise your rights, you can contact Parking Personnel Ltd (below).

You can write to the Data Protection Officer, Parking Personnel Ltd, 3 Hamels Park Barns, Buntingford, SG9 9NE.